About LearnZ

The Polymath "LearnZ" has been in hard pursuit of music for many years. He's also a Ghostwriter, Producer and the C.E.O. brainchild of an independant company Titled Learning Tree Ink, LLC. The streets call him 'LearnZ Da Hustla' was born in Washington Heights,NY and raised in the Bronx. His song crafting technique is unique and his lyrics are as ear catching as the thunderous applause he receives from the crowd that follows him! He was drawing art and sang Tenor in his junior years throughout High school, and was trained in piano at a young age. He toured with a Local band called "A Remarkable Struggle" in his early days. The words he writes are inspired by his own life's expieriences and derive straight from the heart.

  "LearnZ" delivers a message through his music that if you really listened, you would always come away with the feeling that you have 'learned something.' He is an advocate for the people and a dedicated Truthseeker. His performances range from being on the internatinally known 'Apollo' theater, Webster hall and the Highline ball room to name a few places. He's also shared stages with several artist including DJ Grand Wizard Theodore and Grand Master Caz. His life influences include William Cooper, George Carlin, John F. Kennedy among others. His Musical influences range from WU Tang to Big Pun, Nas, Eminem just to name a few. He's been on musical compilations with Kool G Rap, Canibus, Planet Asia, DJ Green Lantern and Raekwon to name a few. His hero is his mother who passed away on October 26, 2016 which was a day before his birthday. Everything He does in Life is in dedication to Her. So "Tear a branch off and get ready for 'Poverty's Son's" arrival. He's here to stay indefinitely.


Land of Dead Bodies – Lyrics by LearnZ


Poverty is the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions and money. Poverty has many siblings, about 1.7 billion people are estimated to live in absolute poverty today… For the people

Yo-yo-yo-yo For the people

Verse: I stand trial/ for feedin’ ya’ll truth/ they want me shot dead like Palestinian troops/ rather me feed you lies out of history books/ they wanna rewrite Qur'an/ kill off religion keep our brains in spiral/ pay attention the signs vital/ we a huge science experiment spread Viral/ I won't stand for this/ the world's arch rival is pinning down global governments for world titles/ I'm your favorite rappers Idol God's Pisano bringing change like Menudo/ I'm no comer culo/ I speak what got J.F.K. assassinated Michael Jackson drugged so heaven have a casket waiting/ the hour of time got Will Coop shot/ now he's my spirit guide I pick it up where it's dropped!/ I transform from brainstorm to Black Panther/ from Malcolm to martin to George Carlin/ shape shifting trying to find a way to fracture/ stereo types manmade disasters/ maybe laughter will help us seek better answers/ read between the lines stop skipping chapters/ I'll sacrifice my Life/just to get America online before the end of time here's some advice/on how to lead a nation/ tell your kids’ question what they engaging/ children are our future/ give ‘em education but if it ain't written in blood it ain't sacred!/ sell your soul to your dreams and goal's/ not to the devil and gold/ real power comes from the knowledge you know so forever I'm a student of life/ I die resurrect and do this shit twice/ using music of mine to infiltrate this "IN GOD WE TRUST" back of dollar bill statement/ this is my product placement saving lives/ jeopardizing mine/ broadcasting live/ from a Land Of Dead Bodies/ For the people For the people For the people